"Merry Christmas everyone! And welcome to the joy of the holiday season! It’s that time of the year when spirits are high, and all our dreams and fantasies can come true. It’s the best time of year when the best things of all happen…with a little magic."

~ Karen & Richard Carpenter

The Carpenters: A Christmas Portrait,

1978 TV Special

The Christmas Song - Sally Olson
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Merry Christmas Darling - Sally Olson
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Little Altar Boy - Sally Olson
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Ave Maria - Sally Olson
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The Carpenters' Christmas records still top "Favorite Holiday Album" lists every year.


Direct from Las Vegas- Carpenters Tribute Concert: A Christmas Portrait, starring Sally Olson as Karen Carpenter and Ned Mills as Richard Carpenter, takes the audience back in time to an old fashioned Christmas. The show recreates the nostalgia of the Carpenters' 1977 and 1978 Christmas TV Specials, in addition to the silly and endearing humor that will make you feel like a kid again! The show features the holiday classics "Merry Christmas, Darling", "Sleigh Ride", "The Christmas Song” and much more, and includes many of the Carpenters’ greatest hits. Sally Olson is the first-ever Karen Carpenter tribute artist to perform with the world-renowned Las Vegas review Legends in Concert.


Carpenters Tribute Concert: A Christmas Portrait features a powerful live band, historical commentary, lovely arrangements and video, taking audiences on an incredible journey down memory lane into the world of the Carpenters – the world’s only authentic Carpenters production in sight and sound.

Christmas show photos by Don Cadette